(Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.)

“The office was clean, the treatment room was clean, the staff was friendly and outgoing.  I will refer my friends to iLipo and I will be back after the Holidays.” Fonzie of Rockford, November 2015

“When I first started the treatment I thought it wasn’t going to work, but when I got the measurements I lost 6 1/2 inches.  I’m very happy.  The staff is friendly and nice.”  Sandra of Poplar Grove, November 2015

“Everything was great!” GE of Sterling, IL  September 2015

“Kara & Juanita, thanks from the bottom of my heart.  You girls are great, I will be missing you all!  I was really surprised by the inches that came off! Thank you again!”  Norma of Woodstock, IL  August 2015

“Awesome experience, wonderful staff, great results, will return in the future!” LP of Woodstock, IL  August 2015

“So much more comfortable! That’s how I would describe the way I feel in my clothes after the treatments at iLipo of Rockford. I lost over 4 inches around my mid section, the most stubborn of areas to lose, especially as I have gotten older. I would recommend this treatment – it is fast, easy and painless!” CDH of Rockford, April 2015

“I loved coming here and I lost over 5″ off my waist area! I’m proud of how I look now and everyone can really tell I’ve lost weight. The staff is very friendly.” D.H. of Machesney Park, April 2015

“My experience at iLipo has been a very pleasant one.  Dr. Erickson was very thorough in his explanation of what I could expect.  I lost a total of 4″ which was great!  Amy was fantastic and always made me very comfortable and my appointments were always on time.  I would recommend iLipo to anyone seeking reduction.” DLT of Machesney Park, March 2015

“iLipo definitely made an improvement in the shape of my waist and hips.  More impressively, my stretchmarks magically lightened and became virtually invisible.  I’m very happy with the results.” M.B. of Dekalb, IL 1/26/15

“I am pleased with the overall service and iLipo results.  Made me look and feel better.  I will be back for more iLipo and target a new area.  Thanks to the staff for friendly service.” T.W. 12/10/14

“Great all around experience. Great support staff!! NO PAIN! Very relaxing process with no pressure. Lost 3 inches total and was pleased with the results.” LD of Winnebago, August 2014

“This was a very relaxing experience. I could see the results on my stomach even after the first visit!  I’m happy that I gave this a try.” Jamie from Belvidere, IL in July 2014

“This was the perfect way to jumpstart my weight loss and aid in reaching my physical & visual goals. The ladies here are awesome. I will definitely be back! Thank You!” Dan from Sycamore in December 2013

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“This was the perfect way to jumpstart my weight loss and aid in reaching my physical & visual goals. The ladies here are awesome. I will definitely be back! Thank You!” Dan from Sycamore in December 2013

“Everyone at i-Lipo of Rockford is great!  They are kind, helpful and the results were awesome!  Thank you so much!” E.G. of Belvidere, October 2013

“I am very happy I decided to do the i-Lipo treatments. It was very worth it and the results were incredible! Dr. Erickson has a wonderful staff and I am very thankful to all of them for all of their help.” A. from Belvidere September 2013

“I saw results after my first visit. This is just what I needed to rev up my weight loss. Started with my thighs & plan to move on to another part of my body after the waiting period is over. The staff here (including Dr. Erickson) are the best.” Kathy of Woodstock, IL in May 2013

“If you are looking for a way to get your body going into weight loss, I recommend i-Lipo. It is completely painless, non-time consuming (only 20 minutes) and effective. You do not know what it’s doing, but when you hear the measurement, you will smile. I had to drive about an hour & 15 minutes to get there and it was worth it! The cost is reasonable as well.” L.T. of Milton, WI, May 2013

“The staff at Dr. Erickson’s office is AMAZING!! I feel like I’ve known them for years. I am grateful to them for the help in decreasing my stubborn thigh fat that I have been working on for years. My skin is a lot smoother and I lost 3 1/2 inches on my thighs!!” MAC of Freeport, IL April 2013

“I was a little leery at first, so I signed up for a special.  I couldn’t believe how good it worked, I could tell the difference on my inner knee and back of thigh.  I signed up for another session.  My problem areas aren’t perfect, but I now wear a bathing suit without being so self conscious.  I’m glad I did it!” S.A.M. of Loves Park, IL – December 2012

“I was not sure what results I would get, but figured anything would help and give me the incentive to try harder for additional toning. I was very pleased with the results! A total of 6 inches! Two from my “muffin top” and the rest from around my waist. What a great experience and wonderful people to work with.” Shirley of Rockford, December 2012

“Sometimes you can run until you have shin splints, and you still cannot get rid of some of the excess weight around your stomach.  This was happening to me, until I found iLipo.  iLipo helps me shed the excess stomach fat and quickly!!  I highly recommend this for getting your body ready for summer, or even for shedding a few inches before a big event.  I noticeably lost inches around my waist after only one visit, and even more after the 2nd and 3rd treatments!  I highly recommend implementing the Usana nutritional plan that was laid out by Dr. Erickson in order to maximize the inches lost from iLipo treatments, as well as to help maintain the results.”  J. from Belvidere, IL in November 2012

“I had been stuck at the same size/weight for several years. I was losing my motivation to workout. Then I did the i-Lipo at Dr. Erickson’s office. I lost 4 inches around my hips and lost 8 lbs. I am motivated again and feel great. I’m comfortable in my clothes again!” T. of Byron, IL in November 2012

“I lost 9 ½” after 8 treatments on my abdomen. I was wearing a size 18, now I’m a 14! The treatments were relaxing and they motivated me to workout. My friends asked me what diet I was on and I told them I did i-Lipo treatments!” Amelia of Rockford, IL in September 2012

“You see results even on your very first visit. I exercise 5 or 6 days a week and was just never happy with my thighs. I am happy now after seeing Dr. Erickson and i-Lipo. I had results at every visit.” J.S. of Rockford, IL in August 2012

“After 8 treatments I lost 5″ around my abdomen. I’m over 70 and feel “sexy” again! I recommend it for anyone who wants to lose inches and fit into your jeans again.” Kay of Machesney Park, IL in August 2012

“I lost 2 1/4″ around my abdomen on my first visit! I had 9 treatments and lost 13 1/4″. My stretch marks have faded dramatically. I’m fitting into clothes I wasn’t able to a few weeks ago.” K. of Roscoe, IL in July 2012

“After 8 treatments of i-Lipo, I lost 21 3/4 inches around my abdomen! My love handles are much smaller and my clothes fit better! I would recommend it to anyone who needs to shed a few inches or to those who have more to lose. It helped my self-esteem!” Kris of Rockford, IL in June 2012

“i-Lipo worked for me! I saw results immediately. I lost a total of 7″ around my abdomen after 8 treatments!” Susan of Rockford, IL in June 2012